Organic Olive Oil - Family reserve

Great traditions fundamentals are strong families. Vardis family harvested their first olive garden in 1905 at the northwestern coast of Crete, on the administrative borders of the prefectures of Chania & Rethymno, in the area of Georgioupolis. Not far away, lies the Gerani Cave - an impressive site of enormous archeological value - where scientists found the oldest signs of human distillation methods for juices from olives, dating back to the Neolithic Period (6000 B.C.). Subsequent scientific findings in the ancient cities of Kydonia & Eleftherna, which lie near our estate, provided the central role that olive oil played in the Minoan civilization (2000-1450 B.C.). That included uses such as diet, religion, health, fuel, and cleansing.

The estate covers an area of 100.000 square meters, lying at a privileged location of natural purity & beauty. Vardis Olive Garden, provides a unique selection of organic extra virgin olive oil, whose delicate flavors derive from the freshness of the Cretan Sea, the pure scent of the Leuka Oroi (White Mountains), the clear running waters of Almyros River, all just a few miles from Kournas Lake. The ideal altitude of 120m, the lime rich ground and the mild climate, grant favorable organic cultivation conditions. In 1980, the 4th generation of Vardis family, fully replanted and reinforced the grove with Koroneiki, the finest variety of olive trees.

Vardis Olive Garden olive oil is of superior quality, 100% natural product, hand-picked and traditionally obtained from 2200 olive trees. The organic product continues to be produced with special care from Vardis family, solely by mechanical means in an environmentally friendly production process system.

The fragrant and fruity extract enhances the flavors of dishes, never overpowering them. It is distinguished for its delicate aroma and vivid color, with acidity levels that never exceed 0.6%. The estate’s production offers an annual family reserve ranging from 6 to 15 tons. Vardis Olive Garden olive oil is fully inspected and certified by the inspection institute for organic products BIO Hellas, approved by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food as Inspection and Certification body for organic products (EU code GR-BIO-03).

Vardis Olive Garden olive oil is being extracted within 24 hours of harvest and bottled at a certified mill at low temperatures. The extract is allowed to distill naturally and stored in high quality stainless steel tanks for 2 months, before being bottled with strict specifications of certified quality. The newly designed tinplate bottle of the product, displays free hand painted olive drops, combining efficiently a modern, minimal and light approach.  The transparent printing exploits the metal background and gives an additional shine to the product.