Kournas Lake

At a distance of 5km from the seaside village of Georgioupolis, near the administrative borders of the Chania and Rethymno prefectures, there is the Kournas lake, the only lake on Crete. It is a sweet water lake and is located at the feet of the White Mountains, right on the course of melting snow, in an area of exceptional natural beauty.

The eco system of the area is protected under Natura 2000. It is a unique wetland, the habitat of rare species. The lush environment and the clear waters of the lake form an ideal environment for an evening walk or picnic during the day hours. The idyllic landscape exerts a relaxing effect as you explore the banks of the lake or take a refreshing swim. The ambient colours change with the hour, as the sunlight sweeps the contours of the hills or filters through the foliage of the trees.

When you visit the little village adjacent to the lake you will be impressed by the style of its housing and life, which speak of the authentic image of the Cretan countryside reminiscent of past years. There is an organized beach around the lake where, in addition to a refreshing swim, you can hire a paddle boat for fun and exploration of the lake. Little cafés and restaurants serve delicious snacks and menu dishes, including the renowned Sfakianés pítes (pies Sfakiá style).