The picturesque town of Rethymno is the historic capital of the prefecture by the same name. The Venetian and Turkish monuments, the well-preserved elegant traditional houses, the historic neighbourhoods are evidence for the rich history of the place and the significant inheritance of the people who live there.

The town combines tradition and modernity. Starting from the picturesque Venetian port you can visit the Forteza Fortress and a wealth of other Venetian monuments around the Fortress. There are Byzantine churches which stand to remind of the grandeur of the Byzantine Empire. As the night falls the town seems to wake up to the warm ambience of music-restaurants (mezedopoleia) which offer delicious snacks and meals, and to lively bars.

The nearby beaches are magnificent. The vast beach of Rethymno with its golden sand and clear waters is a popular attraction. This beach features organized facilities and sea sports. The same is true for the Episkopi beach which can be found at a short distance west of the town. This beach is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of the prefecture.

In addition to places of interest and natural beauty, the town of Rethymno is famous for its night life. Kick-off your night in town from a traditional restaurant where you will be able to choose from numerous Cretan dishes. Next, look for places with live music. Follow the sound of the lyre; it will raise your spirits as much as the Cretan dances. However, if modern sounds are more to your liking, you will find numerous bars with modern Greek and international music to keep you going till early morning hours…